Selling a Home!

houseforsaleRadon and Home Sales
More and more, renters and home buyers are asking about radon levels before they buy or rent a home. Since real estate sales happen quickly, there is often little time to deal with radon and other issues. The best thing to do is test for radon now and save the results in case the buyer is interested in them. You should fix a problem if it exists so it won’t complicate your home sale.

During home sales:

Today, many homes are built to help prevent radon from coming in. In your state or local area, building codes may require these radon-resistant construction features. When you are buying or renting a new home, you should ask the owner or builder if it has radon-resistant construction features. EPA recommends building new homes with radon-resistant features in high radon potential, especially in Zone 1 areas. Even if it is built radon-resistant, every new home should be tested for radon after occupancy.